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Behold the Trees    
by Sue Alexander

Scholastic, 2001

“A combination of lush illustrations and melodious prose tell the story of a land called Canaan, which bloomed with wild trees. This splendid book celebrates an environmental miracle that people of all faiths can admire. Leonid Gore's illustrations are stunning. Readers will be mesmerized by these pictures within pictures, dramatizing an impressive story of destruction and renewal.” 
-Children's Literature

“Profoundly satisfying.”
                      -Publishers Weekly
                            (Starred review)

“Gore's illustrations are brilliantly imagined. Each image is filled with trees that reflect the story: the blood-red shadow of felled trees overlays images of war; trees are metamorphosed into Roman columns; trunks and limbs form dreamlike images of scholars, readers, mothers. A strong, exquisite, and magical choice.”
                                      - Booklist



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