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Monarch and Milkweed                            

by Helen Frost   
Simon & Schuster, 2008

“Gore's pastel-and-acrylic illustrations are liquidly textured, a lovely counterpoint to Frost's poetic language. Their beauty lovingly details the milkweed from flowering to the splitting of its pods in the fall; the butterflies are equally exquisite, from caterpillar through chrysalis to adult insect, subtle shifts in proportion and composition leading the reader's eye through the changes. It's no easy feat to make something stationary that's as dynamic as a butterfly-these illustrations manage it handily.”

                                  -Kirkus Reviews

“With a fine sense of form and use of texture, Gore creates a dappled, organic look in the illustrations, which suit Frost’s spare, poetic story well.”

                                  (Starred review)

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